Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is one of the important health measures you can take to ensure you are healthy and comfortable in everyday life. 

Allergies are a great source of discomfort, affecting millions of people every year. Allergies are a result of your immune system reacting negatively to something that is not recognized as harmful by most people’s immune systems.

Our physicians are dedicated to identifying the source of your allergies and to helping you cure them. Allergy testing is done by a trained allergy specialist to see how your body reacts to specific substances. The testing can be either a blood test, skin test, or an elimination diet.


Dr. Gogu is an extremely good doctor. He didn't rush me at all and answered every question and concern I had and even after asked if I was sure I didn't have any other questions. He was very soft spoken and understanding. His staff as well has been exceptionally kind.

Amazing service… very caring doctor and attentive staff and manage to pinpoint the problem asap. No appointment needed! They work quickly with patients!

Loved it! Wonderful friendly staff, very efficient, and the doctor is just as amazing. I will definitely be going back!

Amazing friendly doctor. A quick visit addressed all health concerns of mine. The facility is nice and clean, staff are very friendly as well. Definitely make a visit to address health needs!